Update: March 2019

Update: March 2019

I am very sorry to any readers who haven’t had an update in a long time. The truth is we’ve been really busy, but we are so excited about what God has done. There’s so much to update you on!

The biggest change is that we’ve moved from an afternoon service starting at 4pm, to a morning service starting at 10am. Three months of meeting in the afternoon was a wonderful season for us, but moving to the morning makes us look more viable as an established church to visitors. Everyone who was coming regularly in the afternoons transitioned with us to the morning service which is great. We now have 18 adults and 6 children who would call Christ Church Fareham their Church. Having started with 9 adults we’re pleased with doubling in size! That is still a small, vulnerable size, but we get visitors most weeks and slowly, slowly, God is adding to our number. Yes, we would love for revival to break out and many to come and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But this is not just a season of growth, it’s also a season of learning and refining and training.

I, personally, meet with 6 different men in our Church to read the Bible with them. Only two of them were part of the Church when we first launched and the four additions are a wonderful encouragement to me. I’m seeing God grow each of them in different ways and grateful for being blessed to play a part in that.

We’re very grateful to ChristCentral in Portsmouth who continue to support us with worship leaders. Coleman, Chris, Joe and Yi Khen have all contributed a lot to us, by coming and leading our worship on multiple occasions. However, we’re also very excited for Sunday, when, our very own, Joystern will be leading worship for the first time. This will be a wonderful moment for us as a church! We’re still praying in more worship leaders, as worshipping God in song is such an important part of our Sunday services (and other meetings too!)

We finished preaching through the book of 1 Peter in 2018 and had a 3 week Christmas series, where Dayo preached for the first time. He was excellent and it’s such an encouragement to have another spiritually gifted leader and preacher in the Church. He preached again in January on Romans 12 and I can’t wait for his next one! Since the turn of the year, we’ve preached through Jesus parables in Luke 15 & 16, the book of Jonah, Jesus Lordship in Mark 4 & 5 and started our Easter series. You can listen to these sermons online and I know many people have. 294 different users have listened to part or all of a sermon since we launched, which is extraordinary. The sermon series in Jonah received particularly good feedback and I love preaching it, so do give it a listen.

Gemma continues to do an amazing job with our children, leading the team to put on quality sessions each and every week on a Sunday morning. We’ve really seen the children come out of their shell since the launch and they all seem to be adjusting to the smaller church context well. We are praying and hoping for God to bring us some more families. Having the children run about the Ashcroft Centre is such a joy!

If you live in Fareham and have thought about coming along, but haven’t yet, please do drop by on a Sunday morning. Some of my Non-Christian friends at my secular job visited the church (in fact, we’ve had 6 visitors from my work since launch) and spoke about how friendly the welcome was and how much they enjoyed it. With God’s help, I really believe we’re starting to build a church full of love and kindness, that feels like a family, without feeling cliquey or unwelcoming to visitors.

Sorry again for not blogging for so long. I will try to update you all more regularly.