Prophetic Words

Prophetic Words

Before we launched the Church, we held several prayer meetings together with ChristCentral Church, not only lifting up the town and our Church plant to God, but also waiting on Him and listening, inviting Him to speak. We believe God spoke prophetically to us during those times and we recorded a number of the words we received. These words have shaped some of decisions and direction as a Church. For your encouragement, here are some of the words we recorded. In places, we have added ways we’ve seen these words fulfilled.

“Jesus is the truth that these people so desperately need. Build this Church around that truth, the truth that you know, that people find salvation in Jesus Christ. That is also where people will find joy, in Jesus.Salvation cannot be found in friendly communities or self-help books, but only in the name of Jesus.” Dan Knapp

“Christ Church Fareham is an oak of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for his splendour. We’re starting something here, but this has been building for many years, so we’re coming with a maturity. The Ashcroft Arts Centre is structured around a tree outside, the tree shapes the building. What is around this Church will be shaped by the Church, because this is a planting for God’s splendour, so this Church will affect the town. We are planting a Church that will be here for a long, long time, with deep roots. Spiritually this town is like a ruined city and the call upon us is to rebuild spiritually. This is a Church of conviction, that will make a stand and be different because we believe the old stuff, we hold to the old Biblical truths.” Tim Blaber

This word has shaped a number of our sermon series in the first couple of years as a Church. We preached from Ezra, which is all about restoring the Temple in Jerusalem and spoke often about spiritual restoration in Fareham. Several months later we preached from Nehemiah about rebuilding in this place. In all our teaching we have sought to plant deep roots in God. Our sermons are accessible for all, but do not shrink back from preaching God’s Word in a deep way as well.

“When your trust is all but shattered, when your faith is all but killed, you can give up bitter and battered or you can slowly start to build! It’s from a song called Beautiful City and that is what the Church is going to build, something that resembles a Beautiful City” Kate Ellis

“You may have a pre-conceived idea of how a church plant works, but God says “I am going to do things that you won’t expect. So, be open-minded and embrace things you don’t expect. It may not be how you imagined it to be, so don’t be knocked off-kilter.” Hilary North

In our first year as a Church plant, God really did grow us in unexpected ways. One particularly surprising thing was a number of single Mums coming to the Church. They were in temporary accommodation and waiting to be rehomed. Our Children’s Work tripled in size for a season, as we welcomed these ladies into the Church. Two ladies professed faith in Christ for the first time. When the ladies were rehomed outside of Fareham, we were able to connect them with a local Church.

A picture of a precious gems and stones being gently placed into slots on a chain. The jeweller is Jesus himself. As the gems are placed, new people, new workers are being called and added to the Church. Other gems are being refined a re-shaped to be part of God’s plan in this town. Chris Lyon

The way God has brought us the right people, the people we’ve been praying for, has been amazing. God has also grown gifts in our planting team brilliantly. New preachers, service leaders, worship leaders, tech hands and children’s workers have emerged, who have never done those things before.

A picture of beautiful tree with deep roots. The roots move and grow and break paving slabs. Lives affected by this Church will be in a sense broken, but broken so God can restore and rebuild. Daniel Marshall

Several people in their prayers have called Fareham a city, Chris even called it a nation. Perhaps we’ll start speaking of the continent or even planet of Fareham! God is subliminally speaking to us in those words, that we should see this as bigger than it is on paper. A Church that will grow, but also impact the regions around and maybe even nations. Tim Blaber

“If you know Fareham, it has a Creek through the middle of it. When the tide is in, it’s beautiful. But when the tide is out, it really smells of seaweed. The spiritual tide has gone out for a season in this place, but God, moving through Christ Church Fareham and strengthening other churches, will bring the tide back in, a rising hunger for God amongst Christians and a greater move of the Holy Spirit. He will bring beauty back in this town.” Duncan Sills

God says “My children, why would I ever deny you? You desire to be deeper and closer with me. I will not deny this. You desire to plant a Church for me – why would I ever deny this? You desire to tell the people of Fareham about me, about my salvation, about my love and my grace and my mercy. I say to my children I will not deny you. I am the Lord of the impossible, put your faith in me and I will do the impossible” Richard North

“I have a picture of people walking blindly through fog towards the edge of a cliff and then this group, this church planting team grabbing people and turning them back before they fall. God will through you bring salvation to those who are blind and lost, turning them back to following Him.” Trevor

We have seen people saved in our meetings and we are always praying and hoping for more. We’ve also been joined by many Christians who had lapsed in their faith or stopped going to Church, who we’ve been able to bless and help.