Ruth 4:14 – We have a Redeemer!

“Then the women said Naomi, “Blessed be the LORD, who has not left you this day without a redeemer, and may his name be renowned in Israel” (Ruth 4:14)

Naomi had insisted on being called Mara or Bitter on her return to Bethlehem, because she felt that God Almighty had dealt very bitterly with her. Her husband had died and her sons had died and she felt empty. But our God is the one who turns mourning into dancing and in the story of Naomi’s life, God brings about such transformation that it goes down in history. Her daughter-in-law Ruth never gives up on Naomi and does not want to depart from worshipping the God of Jews and so through God’s Sovereignty she is redeemed by Boaz, her Kinsman Redeemer, and bears a Son called Obed. Naomi, who thought all her descendants had died, is now blessed with a grandson, who fathers Jesses, who fathers David, the Great King of Israel.

Now God is to be praised, glorified and blessed for he has not left Naomi without a redeemer. Now God’s name must be renowned and proclaimed throughout Israel because of the work he has done.

Like Naomi we might know disappointment, sadness, bitterness in our lives. We might know that empty feeling that broke Naomi’s heart during chapter 1. But God has not left us without a redeemer. In Jesus we have a Saviour who died on the cross to free us from the cords of slavery to sin and death. He paid the price that we might be freed, from mourning into the joy of salvation. And so we bless God that we also have not been left without a redeemer. In fact, we have been given a perfect redeemer in Christ and we want his name to be renowned throughout Israel and all the World. Blessed be the LORD indeed!

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