28 Days to Go

28 Days to Go

It was always my intention to blog the whole way through this process of planting a new church in Fareham. Unfortunately, actually doing the planting has got in the way and not left much time at all for blogging about the planting.

However, with 28 days left to go before Christ Church Fareham holds its first Sunday service on 9th September, I’ve finally got round to writing down a few thoughts. I certainly hope to write regularly from now on: sometimes about planting the church, sometimes about what God has encouraged me with in my devotional times and sometimes just about doing life with God, in the hope it would bring glory to God and encourage visitors to this site. It won’t always be me either, but we’ll hopefully have plenty of contributors.

I have lived in this fantastic town for 2 years now. I’ve met some brilliant people, none more so than the church planting team we have built over that time (pictured below, plus Kristian who couldn’t be with us this particular evening).

Christ Church Fareham Church Planting Team

Our Church Planting Team

This group of people are great fun, slightly wacky, but most importantly have great faith in God. Hebrews 11:1 says faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. The writer is speaking predominantly about faith in Christ. Though we do not see him now and though we did not see his death on the cross and resurrection from the dead in the flesh, we believe in him and have assurance and hope in his second coming, at which time God and man will dwell together in perfect paradise in the new heaven and earth.

It’s also a helpful verse to think about church planting. Though Christ Church Fareham does not yet exist, we are assured that God will do what we hope and establish this new church.Though we can’t see our church yet, we are convicted that starting this church is something God has called us to do. Over a number of years, this group of fun, slightly wacky people have demonstrated great faith in God to see Christ Church Fareham planted. I’m so thankful to God for them.

We have a great team.

We also have a fantastic venue. The Ashcroft Arts Centre is right in the centre of Fareham, it’s got ample parking, a cafe area, extra rooms for children’s work and an auditorium thats big enough to seat a hundred and small enough that it won’t feel empty as we launch. Shaun and the team there have been so enthusiastic about us using it as our venue every Sunday and we can’t wait to get in there for our first Sunday.

The support from ChristCentral and Commission has been excellent. We received an excellent grant from Commission to make this plant happen and over two years ChristCentral have done whatever they can to help us on this journey. Many church members have joined us at the Ashcroft for monthly prayer meetings to pray with us and have shared some wonderful prophetic words. We know they will continue to support for many months and years.

We have a great team, a fantastic venue, excellent support, but most importantly we have our awesome God. His vision, his wisdom, his power, his Spirit, his salvation¦ he is the only reason we would dare to believe we could start a new church and succeed. Nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37) and planting Christ Church Fareham is only possible with God.

Watch out for more updates. It’s going to be an exciting ride!