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Each week we will broadcast our Sunday Service on this page for anyone & everyone to watch & enjoy

Due to coronavirus, we are unable to meet physically at the Ashcroft Arts centre. Though sad, we will continue to gather digitally each week.

To participate, press play on the video below before 10am on Sunday. The video will begin automatically at 10am so we can all watch at the same time. After the video, we will host a prayer meeting using Zoom, starting at 11.15am. If you would like to join us for that meeting, but have not received an invite link, please email or comment below with your email address and we will send you an invite.

The Online Service Video will last less than one hour and will contain notices, prayers and a sermon.

The online prayer meeting begins at 11.15am. We will also be uploading a Spotify playlist, based on the theme of this week’s service for you to use to worship God in song in your own time.

Please do comment below, to let us know you’re watching with us on Sunday.

Last Week’s Service

To watch last week’s service click here

“The Good News of Jesus Christ in a Pandemic”


  1. Morning everyone! Hope you’re well? I’m excited for our service and time of prayer this morning.

    Congrats to Yvonne, Peter and David Richardson for their victory in the quiz yesterday!

  2. Good morning everyone 🙂

  3. Good morning all!

  4. Morning im late forgot about clocks changing. Hope everyone is keeping well and not going nuts being stuck indoors

  5. Thank you Duncan. Always find the Old Testament a challenge, so thank you for fleshing out and bringing the key aspects to the fore.

  6. Ah will it let me rplay later cos wont at mo also cant do prayer catch up or quiz as app not compatible with ps4 and my phone memory rubbish so moans at me then turns itself off

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