Online Christmas Carol Service 2020

Our Online Christmas Carol Service will premiere at 6pm on Saturday 19th December.

We hope it brings you joy and hope this Christmas time, singing traditional carols and seeing lots of different members of our Church contribute to a time online together.  It really is meant to be a service, a message and a celebration for everyone!

You can watch on the video below, on our Facebook Page or on our Youtube Channel.  We’re encouraging members of our Church to watch live on Facebook so we can comment along together.

The Service will include Christmas Carols, Christmas Bible readings, testimonies, prayer and a talk from the Bible on the importance and significance of Christmas.  Everyone is welcome to watch, whether you would consider yourself a Christian or not.


We would also love you to say “Hi” by filling in the contact form below.  If you do, you will receive one short email from us saying “Thanks for watching” and telling you a little about our Church and plans ahead.



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