Our Current Sermon Series – The Emotional Life of Christ

While I was at Bible college, I came across a paper written by BB Warfield called “The Emotional Life of our Lord”.

BB Warfield was a theologian, the last principal at Princeton Seminary in the 19th century.  He’s quite an interesting character, famous for vehemently defending the inerrancy of the Bible (which I very much admire) and hinting that he also believed in Evolution (which surprised me).  He wrote a lot and some of his papers are really helpful and illuminating.

I thought his paper on Jesus’ emotions was fantastic!  I’d never even thought about the perfection of Jesus’ emotional humanity before.  But doing so, warmed my own affections for Christ.  As I reflected on Jesus’ pity, I was full of worship that Jesus is just so compassionate towards others.  As I read about Jesus getting angry, I was grateful that Jesus’ anger was on behalf of others, rather than selfish, and righteous in every way.

Emotional health is also a hot topic in a society.  My workplace has been really good at creating space for employees to talk about their own emotional health.  Sometimes churches are less good at providing space for people to be open and honest about their mental health.  We don’t want to be like that as a church.

The other thing that can happen is that conversations about emotions are wholly negative.  We talk about mental illnesses, like depression, but we don’t talk about the positive side of emotions.  That’s what I love about a sermon series focused on Jesus’ emotions.  We see emotions at their very best in the perfect humanity of Jesus Christ.  We see how pity, sadness, anger and joy are all positive things when felt and expressed in a righteous way.

Sometimes, British Christians can have a stiff upper lip and hide and squash down our emotions.  That is a denial of true humanity.  We want to feel and express Christ-like emotions in our Church and so we’re looking forward to this Christ-focused series.

You can view all the sermons in this series here.


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