Mark 2 Bible Study Questions

If you want to come prepared to Life Group this week, why not read Mark 2 and have a think about these questions.

  • In verses 1-12, who shows faith in this story and what we can learn from their example?
  • Why doesn’t Jesus just heal the paralysed man straight away?
  • Why does he heal the man at all?
  • What was the significance of Jesus calling Levi (also called Matthew) to be a disciple?
  • What was Jesus mission according to verses 13-17?
  • Why aren’t Jesus disciples fasting in verses in verses 18-22?
  • Should Christians fast today?
  • What is the meaning of Jesus’ wineskin metaphor?
  • Does Jesus break the Old Testament law at the end of the chapter

Reading chapter one together was so fantastic. I’m really excited for this week as well.


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